Introducing Unity of Huachuca’s Board of Trustees. Each member is invested, highly energized, and committed to doing all they can to make our spiritual center a place sincere truth seekers can call home.

Maggie Richter


Maggie has been a member of Unity for over 10 years and has found it to be a source of enlightenment, strength and spiritual growth.

She grew up in Napa Valley in Northern California, out in the country with a horse and a loving, dysfunctional family. At the age of eight she became an atheist and resisted any connection with God. There cam an awakening when she was 50 and it eventually lead her here. She says “Unity has given me wings. I have learned to love myself and those around me. I have, with love and trust, entertained new possibilities and stretched my discordant abilities into strengths and adventures I had given up on. I have heard the “still small voice” that speaks to me and know it is God the Infinite. My life is so different now from what it was. I believe I can fly.”

She also a member of the music team.

Paula Lucier

Vice President

In 2016 I moved to Sierra Vista from Massachusetts after I retired. I have family living here but a spiritual community more in-line with my beliefs was a missing part of my life. For many years I have been a student of “A Course in Miracles”, no longer a part of any traditional organized religion. Through this website, I discovered that Unity of the Huachucas held a monthly “Course” group and that prompted me to come to my first Sunday service.

That particular Sunday the guest speaker quoted from the “Course” as well as Unity principles and the congregation greeted me warmly. I had found not only a spiritual family but also a spiritual home that welcomed diverse thinking. While participating in a membership class studying the principles of Unity, I discovered many parallel beliefs to where my own study had taken me over the years. The friendships I have forged at Unity of the Huachucas continues to be a mainstay of my social and spiritual life.

Jule Tailor


I searched for many years to find a belief system I could agree with. I found Unity in 1999 and immediately felt at home. This church has felt like extended family from the first day.

I am a retired nurse and have made my home in Sierra Vista for many years. My passion has always been children. I have taught Sunday School for 12 years and enjoy the children very much. Without young people, a church’s future could be in question.

I am proud to have joined the board and work hard to make a difference.

Cheri Hart


Cheri was divinely relocated to Hereford in July, 2011 after retiring from the Kaiser Permanente medical system in Sacramento, CA. She “discovered” Unity principles after having attended a health fair at the church location in Hereford. She joined Unity in October, 2011, and has continued to be an active member since. Cheri has served, and is serving on the Board of Trustees (secretary, treasurer) for the last 3 years. She enjoys working in the gardens on the church grounds when time permits. Cheri has been looking for spiritual fulfillment for years, and has found Unity to be the perfect place for her. She is an active volunteer at Horsen’ Around Rescue ranch in Palominas, enjoying training the horses and staying connected with them. Cheri and her husband, Jim, are enjoying travelling the United States in their motor home during their retirement years.

Cathie Woodruff

Member at Large

Cathie was born in Sandy, Utah, and at age three moved with her family to Anaheim, then Sand Diego, California where at 12 she started her life-long spiritual journey in Unity. Her aunt and cousins were ministers.

Cathie’s passion is singing. She has sung in numerous chorale groups and in the Sierra Vista Community Chorus. She is also involved in Philanthropical Educational Organization (P.E.O.), is Unity’s music committee chair person, and is very involved in her beloved spiritual community.

She has two wonderful children, her son Wallace Wendeborn (wife Melissa), and her daughter Dawn Walter (husband Mike). She has one wonderful grandson, David.

Dan Leonard

Member at Large