Classes & Events

We offer classes and book studies at times decided upon by attendees in order to accommodate everyone’s schedule.

Please contact our Center and/or routinely check our website for start dates and times.

Book Study

The new spring book study began March 4th at 2:30 pm here at the center and via Zoom. Our new study focuses on “Creating Your Own Reality” with the book “Excuses Be Gone” by Dr. Wayne Dyer The spiritual path occurs in many ways. Discerning our impact on our path’s unfoldment is both a reflective and action-packed process. In this class, we take a look at our strengths and abilities, as well as our desires and passions to help to determine what actions to take in creating our realities. We will also work with Unity literature and beliefs on our journey.

Through both reading and adventure assignments we will learn and practice how to create the realities in our life that we long for.

Please contact Lynne Booth at on or before March 3, 2021, at 5:00 p.m. if you will be attending class. If you will be attending class via Zoom, please include your email address so you can receive the Zoom invitation.

The length of the class is open at this time. At our first class meeting we will determine the length of time the students wish the class to last.

Meditation Class

MEDITATION beginning MARCH 4, 2021 AT 1:30 P.M. LOCATION: UNITY OF THE HUACHUCAS BOTH IN PERSON AND VIA ZOOM.What are your ideas of what you think will happen when meditating? Each person is an individual, and our experiences are also. Our meditation will be simplified, we will sit quietly for anywhere from 10 min to 30 min. Depending on the group. If we start off with 10 min. We will increase our time by 5 to 10 min each time we meet. As we meditate with will sharing each other’s energy, this also helps to glide into meditation. A wonderful way to meditate is meditate with others, 2 or more.