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Unity of the Huachucas' Labyrinth

Located on the grounds of the Spiritual Center, our labyrinth (pictured on our front page) offers a place to walk in peace and contemplation. Labyrinths have been part of many spiritual traditions since ancient times. A labyrinth is not a maze and one cannot get lost in it. There is only one way into the center where we have placed a bench for extended meditation or prayer. The same path in reverse allows one to leave the labyrinth. The Unity of the Huachucas labyrinth is available free to the public 24/7. Come and explore this wonderful tool for deepening your spiritual journey, alone or with others. Note: the soft dirt paths are 3 feet wide so can accommodate a walker.

How Can We Help?

Unity of the Huachucas is a giving community that desires to positively impact the lives of those living in and around our community. We are already giving “behind the scenes” but would welcome other service projects to support during this time. Please let us know if you have any ideas.

Box Tops Education

Remember to save your boxtops labels for education. Collecting container is at the church under the bulletin boards. 

Look for the logo :)