Classes & Events

In the future we will be offering both day and evening classes to better accommodate our diverse congregation.

Please contact our Center and/or routinely check our website for start dates and times.

A Course In Miracles with LouAnn Sterbick-Nelson

Join us every second Thursday of each month beginning January 11, 2018 to discover A Course In Miracles. The group meets at the Unity Spiritual Center at 5:30 and is led by LouAnn Sterbick-Nelson. Please bring your ACIM book with you. If there is enough interest and enthusiasm, LouAnn has said she may increase the meeting dates to once a week. All interested ACIM students (and teachers!) are welcome to attend.

2019 Winter Book Study

Join us each Thursday afternoon at 2:00 pm at the center as Reverend Sandra Jean facilitates our new winter book study.

In this classic work, Eric Butterworth sees the divine within us all to be a hidden and untapped resource of limitless abundance. Exploring this “depth potential,” Butterworth outlines ways in which we can release the power locked within us and let our “light shine.”

Butterworth demonstrates that the existence of this divine dimension in each individual is the greatest discovery of all time. He explains the universality of such vital subjects as: how to succeed; how to pray; how to find confidence; how to overcome personal problems; and how to find healing. With insight and sensitivity, Butterworth opens new doors of self-knowledge, and outlines ways in which we can release the power within.